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I have been reading the tarot for clients for over 25 years both at home and abroad using my clairsentient abilities to answer life changing questions through cards, crystals and stones.  Often we ‘just know’ when we need a reading.  With hindsight it is often at an emotional time or personal crossroads in our lives that we seek guidance or healing from spirit.  This said, it could be difficult to remember all that has taken place in a reading so each one is taped for you.  The more relaxed you are the better the link will be.  Before a reading I bring in my sprit guides and angels which heightens the energy to work with the tarot.  Your reading will cover many aspects of your life and time will be set aside to answer difficult or current issues.  I personally do not ask any questions during the reading.  That way I can not be led into knowing anything about you and so anonymity allows for future sessions to be regarded in the same light.

If you do not live in the Medway or Maidstone area I can do a postal reading for you, which of course differs slightly from a one to one sitting.  Please telephone for details.

Please allow about 1 - 2 hours for your Tarot reading.  £25



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